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Factory Tour

Raw Material Area

Puts the raw materials together and can effectively manage and identify the raw materials.

Assembly Area

Separates the assembly area independently and can have independent space for assembly technicians to concentrate on the scent machines assembly.

Semi- finished Area

Separates the semi-finished products independently, which enables the assembly technicians to clearly assemble the efficiency and effectively distinguish the progress of the daily work.

Test Area

Every assembled scent diffuser machine should carry out at least 24 hours of aging test in the test area, and check the mist amount of each scent air machine.
A separate test area allows tester to inspect and record test results for each aroma machine.

Packing Area

In the independent packaging area of our factory, the packaging staff can inspect the appearance of the machine intently, and carefully put the complete accessories into the gift box of the aromatherapy machine to ensure the correct packaging work.

Finished Product Area

A separate finished product area allows the factory to manage inventory well.

R & D Area

We always put part of our profits into the R&D department every year, because we believe that company innovation will be priceless not only for company earnings but also for social gains.

We hope that our Charm Aroma scent air machine could make you, him, her and us be charming and be happy.

OEM Service

We could put all customers’ logo on our scent machines so that could help all customers’ build their own brand.

ODM Service

We could follow customers’ specifications request and other special requirements of the scent machine, and then design and produce.