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Split Type HVAC Hotel Scent Diffuser 

  • Connect to existing HVAC system directly so that the scent mist could be delivered quick to every rooms

  • Hotel Scent Diffser body is made of metal with eco-friendly powder coated finishing which is robust, rigid, anti-rust and durable.

  • Split type design to meet your special request

  • Large coverage, perfect scent marketing solutions for big commercial areas included malls, big events and more places

  • With the automatically lock function of the scent diffuser program, safe in the public place using

Easy installing, NO need any professional electrician skills

Just add scent oils and connect to HVAC system and power supply

What’s in the Box

CH125 Hotel Scent Diffuser 

1000ml/ 6L Empty Oil Bottle

Power Adapter

User Manual

spare nozzle+ air tubes

Wall mounted panel+ screws set

CH126 Hotel Scent Diffuser 

1000ml/ 6L Empty Oil Bottles

Power Adapter

User Manual

spare nozzles + air tubes

small air tubes

Features of CH125 & CH126 Hotel Scent Diffuser

  • Split type so that it will be easy to fill the oil 

  • The whole scent diffuser runs smoothly, low noise

  • Self-lock function, when use in the pubic scent marketing, the program data will be safe .

  • When power on, the scent diffuser will work automatic according to your setting.

  • Classic design to blend all the decor.

  • Perfect scent marketing tools, after choose the signature or the most suitable scent flavor, via this scent diffusers to release the dry nanoparticle scent mist to every where, let all the employee and clients smell it in a nature, simple, easy way so that they could creat your brand image in the brain.

CH125 Hotel Scent Diffuser Video Demo

CH126 Hotel Scent Diffuser Video Demo

Model No. CH125 Hotel Scent Diffuser CH126 Hotel Scent Diffuser
Body Material Metal Metal
Dimension 190H X180D X 180L mm 187H X149D X 520 L mm
Net Weight 5 kg 9.2 kg
Power Supply AC110-220V / 26W AC110-220V / 50W
Color Black Black
Coverage 5000 m3 ; 1600 m² ; 16000 ft² 10000 m3 ; 3200 m² ; 32000 ft²
Installation Way Connect to HVAC System Connect to HVAC System
Aroma Oil Bottle Material Aluminum Alloy Aluminum Alloy
Aroma Oil Bottle Capacity 1000ml or 6000ml 1000ml or 6000ml
Scent Nebulizer Material Aluminum Alloy Aluminum Alloy
Aroma Oil Consumption 0.35ml ~ 6.65 ml /H±5% 0.35ml ~ 13.3 ml /H±5%
Memory Battery Have Have
Inner Fan Without Without
Control Way 4 Buttons / Wi-Fi Connected 4 Buttons/ Wi-Fi Connected
Usefulness Scent Marketing Scent Marketing

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