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Project Description


Item No. CH120     

Coverage 300 m3/100 sqm/1000sq ft      

Aroma Oil Capacity 150ml                                                        

  • This scent diffuser machine is powered supply by mains; Classic style for the duftmarketing

  • CH120 Scent Air Diffuser is made by metal body with powder coated finishing

  • Multiple installation ways: wall mounted, stand-alone and connect to FCU system

  • Perfect for olfactive branding or scent marketing for all business places

  • Durable scent nebulizer is made by aluminum alloy


                        White                           Black


What’s in the Box

Scent Diffuser Machine 


150ml Empty Oil Bottle

DC12V/5W Power Adapter

User Manual

Screws+keys+spare nozzle

Air tube & tube connector

How to Operate the CH120 Electic Scent Machine?


Applications of Olfactive Branding?


CH120 is a cold air scent diffuser via the cold air diffusion technology (scent nebulizer) could make out the dry scent mist and direct spread into the business places. With the simply luxury style, it is perfect for the brand shops scent marketing or the duftmarketing. 

First we need to analysis the gender, age, culture of your target market to select a suitable signature scents for your own brand, and via CH120 commercial diffusers directly make the scent oils into the dry scent mist and spread full of your brand shops. The scent melling could cover the unpleasant odours directly; make the unique ambient scent full of your brand shops simply. So that the customers are consciously aware of it to boost the sales and creat a successful olfactory marketing of your own brand shops.


CH120 commercial scent marketing equipment could break down the aroma oil into the dry scent mist via the scent nebulizer that is durable due to the aluminum alloy material. Due to its powerful built-in air pump, it could cover up to 300 cubic meters scent marketing places. Also if your commercial places has the FCU system ( Air fresh system ), CH120 scent air machine is the most perfect choice. So it is perfect duftmarketing solutions for the high end commercial places’ toilets. 

We know that there are more than thousands flavors of the commercial scents, so it need to analysis your brand and find the most suitable scent flavor to make the olfactive branding. So that the signure scent and the scent branding diffuser could make the signature smell full of your businees toilets to creat a brand image for your clients , to make the customers much more linger. 

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