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Project Description


Item No.CH122

Coverage 2000m3/600 sqm/6000 sq ft 

Aroma Oil Capacity 1000ml                                                      

  • With inner fan to make the HVAC air scenting more evenly

  • CH122 HVAC fragrance diffuser adopts the advanced cold-air diffustion technology 

  • CH122 HVAC aromatherapy system could stand-alone, wall mounted and connect to HVAC system


                        White                           Black


What’s in the Box

HVAC Scent Diffuser


1000ml Empty Oil Bottle

Power Adapter + Keys

User Manual+ Spare Atomizer Core

Screws+Wall Mounted Panel

Air tube & tube connector

How to Operate the CH122 HVAC Scent Diffuser ?


Applications of HVAC Scent Diffuser?


CH122 HVAC scent diffuser is a perfect scent marketing solution of hotels. This HVAC air fresheners have 3 different ways of installation ways incuded stand-alone, wall mounted and connect to HVAC system. With its classic and luxury design, this HVAC fragrance diffuser is very matching the luxury hotels.

Regarding to the neuromarketing of the luxury hotels, the first thing is to do the research about the hotels’ history, culcure and the customers to customize the most suitable signature scents for the luxury hotels. And according to the hotels’ coverage and the suitable installation way to choose the suitable HVAC aromatherapy system. 

By the HVAC aroma diffuser, the signature scents could be delivered to every spaces that are linked with the hotel HVAC systems, very nicely. This type olfactory marketing is very direct, easy, nature.

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Many homes are large and have the HVAC system. So CH122 HVAC air freshener system is a best HVAC air scenting solution, we could direct use it as a stand-alone type, or use the screws and the wall mounted panel to make it wall mounted type,also could connect the home HVAC system to achieve the HVAC air scenting. 

After choose the your Favorite scents that could make your feel conformt and pleasant, our CH122 HVAC air freshener system could direct diffuse the scent oil simply and naturely into the dry scent mist. 

CH122 HVAC air fresheners works with the cold-air diffustion so no need to worry the benefit of the aroma and essential oil will be destroyed. 

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