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Quality Control

  • 6S Quality Control
    Our factory follows 6S quality control system standard for the management, included “SEIRI” “SEITON” “SEISO” “SEIKETSU” “SHITSUKE” “SECURITY”. Our workshop, workshop office and company office all follow the 6S quality control system standard management. It could improve efficiency, ensure quality, make the work environment clean and orderly, preventive, and ensure safety.

  • ICQ
    Before the raw materials of the scent machines are put into our workshop warehouse, inspections will be carried out to ensure that there is no problem with the quantity and quality of the raw materials. So that to ensure to product the mass production smoothly. Make sure that could deliver the scent machines to customer on time, good quality and correct quantity.

    After the acceptance of the raw materials, need to check the quality of the first product to confirm the all the raw material and parts are no problem.

  • FQC
    Inspection before we put the finished scent machines in the finished warehouse. FQC will conduct a comprehensive quality inspection of the product, including packaging, performance, function and appearance and so on.

  • All our scent machines need 100% quality check and durable testing at least 24 hours before each of shipment.

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