What is the CH122 Scent Equipment

//What is the CH122 Scent Equipment

What is the CH122 Scent Equipment

What is the CH122 Scent Equipment

This scent equipment is 3 in 1, could connect to the HVAC system, wall mounted or stand-alone.

It covers from 1000 to 3000 cubic meters commercial places included shopping malls, supermarkets, office buildings, Cinemas and more.

With 1000ml big aluminum oil bottle, it could last for a long time so that no need to refill the oil all the time.


[Multiple Applications] The aroma diffuser can be placed on a table, wall-mounted, or connected to the HVAC system. Besides, it is used for both household and commercial purposes. For commercial purposes, the time to power on/off can be set as per working hours. For household uses, its working hours can be set as per your rests.


[Powerful Scent] Powerful scent come out when scent machine is working, fan inside will help deliver scent; scent fog is same as video show.


[How to Use Scent Machine]-① Add essential oil ② Turn on the power ③ Set the local time ④Set the required working time and scent intensity


[With Security lock]The Security lock could can protect the oil bottle inside the scent machine

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