What is the CH128 Scent Aroma Machine

//What is the CH128 Scent Aroma Machine

What is the CH128 Scent Aroma Machine

What is the CH128 Scent Aroma Machine


This Scent Aroma Machine uses cold air diffusion technology to breakdown the scented oils into nano-level scent mist and diffuses in the air to add the good smelling in the air, cover odors, transformer the atmosphere, also it is a very effective for olfactory marketing.

Olfactory marketing is the easiest way to make your customer experience more remarkable. Build emotional connections, improve brand perception, and increase revenue in an instant.


CH128 scent aroma machine is a scent diffuser producing a mist of essence into the air as a delicate breath. It has a minimal and clean design containing the soul of the perfume diffusion system.

You can diffuse a different perfume in each room or choose the fragrance you prefer to leave an indelible memory in your customers.


3 in 1 installation method of CH128 Scent Aroma Machine: wall mounted, tabletop and connect to HVAC system.


Easy operation: add the oil into the bottle, connect the power supply and make the program setting


Global WiFi control the Scent Aroma Machine: in order to be fully visible and easily control the fragrance of the target area, the scent machine uses a smartphone application to support Wi-Fi function.


Scent intensity can be adjusted:adjustable scent intensity from 10-480s of the spray time and the pause time to make it not too strong , not too light


Applicable places: suitable for various commercial places such as hotels, shopping malls, exhibition halls, airport waiting halls, sales centers, automobile 4S shops, etc. 


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