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Wall Mounted Hotel Scent Machine

Wall-Mounted hotel scent machine is ideal fragrance marketing solutions for saving space. The body is made of PP plastic or metal which is light weight, anti-corrosion and durable.

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Stand Alone Hotel Scent Machine

Stand-alone hotel scent machine is designed to directly use no need any special installation, stand freely. Easily set working time and the scents intensity. Smelling good has never been easier.

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HVAC Hotel Scent Machine

HVAC hotel scent machine is the perfect aroma marketing solutions for the large spaces with the HVAC system. The body is made of painted powder metal which is robust, rigid, anti-corrosion, anti-rust and durable.

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HVAC Split Hotel Scent Machine

Split type HVAC hotel scent machine is perfect for the super large commercial areas; with the split type, it is easy to refill the scent oils into the oil bottle.

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Car Scent Diffuser

Durable aluminum body with food grade refills to make your car jourey full of scenting. Good gift choice for your sweet friends, family.

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