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FAQs for Company

Q: How is Charm Aroma brand?
Charm Aroma is one of direct scent machine factory of China, has:
-7 Years: our R&D focus on scent machine 7 years’ experience.
-1000 Square meters factory
-1 year warranty

Q: What Certifications do you have?
CE FCC RoHS and SAG certifications etc. 100% quality check and durable testing before each of shipment.

Q: What is your Payment methods?
Accept payment via T/T (Bank transfer),Western Union, PayPal, etc.

Q: How long is your production time?
-1 working days of sample order;
-2-15 working days of bulk order.

Q: What is the Shipping Way?
-30-90 days by sea to your nearest seaport
-2-5 days by air to your nearest airport
-7-12 days by express to your doorstep

Q: How to make an order?
-Confirm the model, quantity, shipping way with ours sales: [email protected] .
-Confirm the Porforma Invoice for us.
-Transfer the payment to our account.
-We prepare the goods and send to you, provide the tracking No. to you.

FAQs for Pre-Sales

Q: Which kind of scent air machine will be most suitable for me?
-Depend on your space coverage as well as how many AC in your space.
-We will be glad to assist you via e-mail: [email protected].

FAQs for Scent Diffuser

Q: What kind of scenting solutions you can provide?
-Different Coverage: Support the large, medium and small spaces (from 50 cubic meters to 10,000 cubic meters) .
-Different Installation: Provide connect to HVAC / FCU system type, wall-mounted type and stand-alone type, battery type scent diffusers.

Q: What is the material of the diffuser?
-Durable aluminum and metal
-Anti-corrosion plastic, acrylic etc.

Q: Is it possible to customization for special orders?
Yes.We support to produce the scent diffusers based on your appearance design and your technical data.

Q: What is the working principle of your Charm Aroma diffusers?
Adopt the most advanced cold air diffusion technology;
We produce the best scent diffusers by delivering the essential oil as a dry mist without any residue.
Build-in air pump uses the cold air pressure to compress the oil into Nano particles.
This is the best way to keep the therapeutic benefits of the oils.

Q: Does the diffuser include the essential oil?
No, it doesn’t. You need to buy the essential oil separately.

Q: What kind of canister could be applicable for machine? Where we can buy it?
There is a standard canister for each model, and each machine is equipped with one empty canister.You could buy it from us.

FAQs for Diffuser Setting

Q: Is it able to set working hours?

Yes, we could set different working period, different working hour, minute and day.The diffuser will automatically opening, stopping and running on your setting.

Q: How to control the fragrance concentration?
Have the different concentration levels in the setting control broad, you could choose the level freely.

Q: How many options of setting the date in one week?
15 options as below, you could choose 1~5 of them in one machine.

  • Mon.
  • Tue.
  • Wed.
  • Thu.
  • Fri.
  • Sat.
  • Sun.
  • Mon.+Wed.+Fri.
  • Tue.+Thu.+Sat.
  • Mon.+Tue.+Wed.
  • Tue.+Wed.+Thu.
  • Mon. to Fri.
  • Mon. to Sat.
  • Mon. to Sun.
  • Sat.+Sun.

FAQs for Essential Oils

Q: What kind of fragrance we could use?/Can we use our fragrance?
Any kind of fragrance oil which is oil-based is fine, but not water-based or alcohol-based.You could buy the essential oil in your country or from us.

Q: Can we refill the fragrance into canister?
Yes, it could be refilled easily.We have put the operation video demo in our product page website.

Q: How long does one canister of fragrance oil last?
Please kindly note we have mentioned this technical data of each model at the product page, in this website.But the exact length of may depend on the setting you made on.Also we are glad to assist you via e-mail: [email protected].

FAQs for After-Sales

Q: Do you provide installation service?
Charm Aroma diffuser installation is easy.
We already assemble well the aroma diffuser before the shipment, and have all accessories parts come with the aroma diffuser product in the shipment.
Based on the user manual, you only need to fill in the essential oil, connect the power supply, it will work.
In this website, we have all the operation video demo in the every product page.

Q: How to ensure the best diffusing effect and maintain device?

Reminder: Every 2 months, we need to clean our scent delivery system machine as below steps.

Besides, before you change to another flavor of the essential oil, we need to clean our scent delivery system machine as below steps.

Step 1: Put the alcohol into the essential empty canister
Step 2: Set the strongest intensity,Turn on the machine for 10-15 minutes
Step 3: Turn off the power and pour off the alcohol